The view from my new office!

This week I started a new job. I decided to take the leap and step away from the career area I had known and loved for the last 18 years, and plunge into the unknown.

Oh my goodness, it was one of the toughest decisions I have had to make. I really hate letting people down and I know that by no longer being available to fulfil my role I was putting pressure on all of them. Bonds that had been forged had to be severed. A lifestyle I had become used to had to change. I cried every day for over a week.

Although I cried, I knew that I had made the right decision for myself and my family. At my age I want to be able to feel secure in my working life, giving me the ability to maintain support for my family. My first week has been great, despite my nerves, and has reaffirmed that I have made the right choice for me, for now.

How do changes make you feel?

Changes can be incredibly unsettling. But they can also be incredibly empowering. I used to think that I hated change, but to be honest I have gone through so many changes since my teenage years. I have dealt with an awful lot and it has shown me that not only can I cope with change, but I can become stronger because of it. We are all sent things to try us. Remember to be open to new ideas, flexible in your approach and mindful of the potential these changes can bring to your life. You are stronger than you think!



All this change means I haven’t been blogging as regularly as I had been. I want to get myself used to my new job and all the changes to our routine that come with this. I need to work out when I can take the time to blog and get back into a good routine with it all. Please bear with me!


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