Island Life – Summer


Photo taken from the ferry just before departing.

Wowzers, what a summer we have had! I think this is the first year since I moved here that we have had such a long spell of warm, dry and calm weather. Its was fab!

Summer on our island usually lasts for a couple of weeks at the end of May or beginning of June. This is when the sun is warm, the clouds are non-existent and the wind disappears. We take these moments in time and relish them. The long evenings allow us to finish work and head to the beach for a picnic or a barbecue, or even just to sit and relax with our feet in the warm sand and the sun on our faces. And this year has not disappointed!

For the majority of May, June and early July we have had settled weather. We have not had the temperatures like the south of the UK has seen, and to be honest, I’m quite glad. Many an afternoon has been spent lounging in the garden or on the beach. I even braved the freezing sea for a quick dip, my first swim in the sea since moving to this island. Daft, I know, considering the fact that we are surrounded by water!

During my sons exam study leave we enjoyed long walks together which I loved. That quality time is made so much easier when you can get out in the fresh air without being soaked to the bone!!

The island in general was extremely busy. Following the influx of visitors after the Whisky Festival, came the stream of families ready to enjoy the sunshine during both the Scottish and English school summer holidays. The island was heaving with camper vans, slow drivers and some extremely questionable parking techniques! There is a great buzz when the island is so busy. With such good weather tourists have been able to enjoy the stunning scenery and wildlife that we are so lucky to have on our doorstep.

Now the schools are back and the tourists have headed home, the smell of Autumn is in the air and the sound of geese honking is returning to our early mornings. Summer you have been great, but Autumn I am ready for you!



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