Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

As you may know, I am trying to be more environmentally friendly. I have been looking into chemical free products for a while now. Using chemicals for everything just doesn’t sit right with me. I think we just get caught up in buying what we think will clean our homes (99.9% of bacteria) as well as using products that we have seen our parents using.

Up until recently I’ve been put off buying chemical free cleaning products because of their prices, as they tend to be more expensive. But then I came across the Ethical Superstore and found they had some great deals and prices were similar to regular cleaning products. They have so many products to choose from. So I got ordering!

I bought cream cleaner, loo cleaner, glass cleaner, floor cleaner, laundry liquid and furniture polish. The brands include Method, Ecover and Ecos, which all claim to be cruelty free and use natural ingredients. It means I know I’m filling the air with nature particles rather than toxins. Our clothes and surfaces are clean but do not contain any harmful residue. Also no chemicals are entering the water course. This all makes me happy!

My only concern is that they all come in plastic bottles and I’m really keen to reduce plastic waste. They can, however, be reused, recycled or sent back. It’s tough to go plastic free with cleaning products.

I have used all the products around the house today and I can honestly say they all work, they all smell lovely with no synthetic, forced toxic scents, and I am definitely converted! I have already got a list of other products in my shopping basket.

Do you have any favourite chemical free cleaning products that you would recommend? If you’ve not tried any before, give it a go. What harm can it do? Oh, none…because there are no harmful chemicals!!


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