Let’s Talk Skincare

I have been searching for a skincare brand that works with my skin for as long as I can remember. I’ve tried numerous things to try and help my blemish prone skin and at the same time try to find something as natural as possible.

A couple of months ago I bit the bullet and bought the ABC collection from Tropic Skincare. I have held off buying from them before because of the price. But I am glad I went for it!

The ABC collection contains a cleanser, toner and moisturiser. The cleanser is a creamy consistency and literally removes everything. Waterproof mascara just glides off! The toner leaves skin feeling super fresh and the moisturiser leaves skin feeling soft and supple without any greasiness.

My collection came with a choice of face mask. I went for the Clear Skin mask to help fight my blemishes. I use this once a week as a wee pamper.

My next purchase was the Glow Berry serum. I chose this again to help with spots.

Here’s how I use them all:

Evening Routine


Every night I use 1-2 pumps of cleanser depending on whether I’ve worn makeup or not. At the moment I’m mostly makeup free! I gently massage this into my skin, then wipe it off using warm water and the super soft face cloth that comes with the kit.


I pat my skin dry with a towel, then spritz 2-3 pumps of toner all over my face.


Once the toner has dried I apply 1-2 pumps of moisturiser in circular motions.

Morning Routine


I don’t need to use the cleanser in the morning, so I just splash my face with water and then pat dry.


I spritz my face with toner (usually 2 pumps) and then leave it to dry.


Once the toner is dry I use about 6 drops of the Glow Berry serum and gently pat this into my skin. This is kept in the fridge so is lovely and cooling.


I finally add 1 pump of moisturiser to my skin in circular motions. Then thats me ready for the day!

  • What I personally love about Tropic
    • The products are all natural…no nasties!
      Customer service – you are given a specific ambassador who helps you choose the right products for you.
      Refill options available.
      The products smell amazing.
      Sustainably sourced ingredients.
      Cruelty free.
      Choice – there are so many products to choose from that you can tailor your skincare to your specific requirements.

    But best of all… they work! My skin has never felt or looked better. I am gaining confidence in my bare face after years of feeling incredibly self conscious. I love that it’s all using naturally derived ingredients. I’m no longer cleaning my face with chemicals and that feels fab!

    So if you’re wondering whether or not to swap your skincare to Tropic, I’d encourage you to give it a go. Speak to your local ambassador and they’ll give you some samples to try before you take the plunge. Then find what works for you. My next purchases with be the Super Greens serum and I may delve into the makeup too.


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